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Curiosity - CSIR-CFTRI Science Lab visit


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In connection with Golden Jubilee celebration of CFTRI School, Science Committee Chairman Dr. Jayadeep A, had arranged visit to some of the CSIR-CFTRI labs for the 10th standard students in batches of 10 students, accompanied by  a teacher.

Quoting from the teachers and the students::

“ Really , I can say that this visit to CFTRI lab was a very good experience for the students as well as for the teachers. I hope , this opportunity is provided to other class students also.”  - Mrs. Jiji M P

“ In total , our visit was very useful, informative and educative. We are interested  in visiting all the departments of C.F.T.R.I.  Hope we will get that opportunity”    - Mrs. Mamatha H.V.

“ This visit to C.F.T.R.I developed curiosity among the students about plant tissue culture. Along with the students it was a great experience for me also . I got more information about plant tissue culture. Science is a subject which can be understood better with practical work than the theoretical aspect.” – Mrs. Sumiya Begum

“We had a memorable visit to  Food and microbiology department. ” – Samarth C.J.

“ I would like to say that the 3 hours spent in the Food and microbiology department were the most enlightening ones and I will never forget what I learnt there.” - Shashank B.M

cftri visit        cftri visit

“ I had a very good experience at the Food and Rice mills department and I am glad to say that it was the best.”  - Mohith S.R

“ It was a life time opportunity and we enjoyed a lot. I had seen the Plant Cell Biotechnology department on  C.F.T.R.I Open day. But I could not learn everything at that time because of the crowd. It was very informative. I am proud to know the achievements of C.F.T.R.I in various fields. I want to work  in C.F.T.R.I” – Prajwal .M.Rao

cftri visit      cftri visit

“ I felt extremely proud when I heard about the achievements of C.F.T.R.I in developing various products from algae. I thank everyone for organizing  this visit to C.F.T.R.I.”
“ The visit to PCBT department was very useful and I learnt a lot. I wanted to see other departments too. My interest towards science has been enhanced. I thank all the members of PCBT, who taught us so many things very enthusiastically. I will never forget this wonderful experience.”
“ Everything was explained to us so well and simplified so that we could understand . I felt proud to hear that C.F.T.R.I was the first to develop in 1974 , the technology of culturing  the algae that gives carotin pigment. I would like to visit othe departments too. “ – Niharika M.P

cftri visit      cftri visit

“I had a wonderful experience visiting the department of Lipid Science and Traditional Food. We were given chocolates made with algae. The visit o the kitchen was a great experience.”
“ I learnt so many things in the Grain Science Technology department. I now know how the rice we buy from the shop is prepared from paddy. “ – Monika  S

All the students and the accompanying teachers had this to say in common -
“ We thank the director of C.F.T.R.I  Prof. Ram Rajasekharan for allowing us to visit the departments. We thank all the CFTRI staff who explained to us what the department does , the achievements  and the working of various machines and instruments used in the departments. We thank the Golden Jubilee Committee and our principal for providing us with such a wonderful and informative experience.”

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