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CFTRI School differs from other "run-of-the mill" institutions for it is providing platform ofr projecting hidden talents of students through competitions of all kinds such as debates, essays, sports etc. There is scope for creating and we join together to materialise our vision and user in newness in the field of education.

Ample opportunities are provided for the children to participate in curricular as well as co-curricular activities.

To develop scientific temperament amongst students various projects are initiated under the auspices of Science Club. During the 'Science Day' programme, an exhibition confining to a particular theme is a special feature of the school which attracts thousands of students from other educational institutions in the city.

Special coaching in art and music etc., is being given after school hours for the students with a view to promote their interest in fine arts.

Classes in martial arts like Karate introduced are an added attraction for the students.

Our children have taken part in drawing and painting competitions conducted by various organizations and won prizes.

Our students take part in a number of literary and music competitons at the school level as well as at the city level and bring laurels to the school.

The school has Scouts and Guide wings seperately. They actively participate in the school events, such as camps, trekking, cooking compititions conducted at the city level.

NCC - Boys and Girls Wing:
The school has NCC wings seperately for Boys(Naval Unit) and Girls(Army Unit). They actively participate in the inter school events, such as hikes and ralleys, Ncc camps, etc., conducted at the city and national level.

It is held as an Annual Meet every year and a number of athletic event are conducted involving the whole school.This helps the children to inculcat a sportive spirit at an early age. Children take active part and win a number prizes.

To encourage the cricketers at a young age Dr. V. Subrahmanyan Memorial Junior level cricket tournament for the local higher primary Schools is being conducted every year.

To encourage the students to speak confidently Dr. V. Subrahmanyan Memorial Inter High School English Debate Competition for the local high Schools is being conducted every year.

Parent-Teacher meetings are also held at regular intervals, the dialogue of which helps the school authorities to maintain the necessary rapport as well as academic standards.

The laboratory facilities are provided to higher primary and high school classes with the ooject o making science teaching, 'experiment oriented', The school calender gives a bird's eye view of the academic as well as cocurricular activities.

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